Pearl Dental provides the highest standards of dental care & treatment in New York.


General, Cosmetic & Periodontal Dental Services

Pearl Dental’s main purpose is to treat people, not just teeth. Providing a full range of preventive, general, cosmetic, and periodontal services, our team of dentists advances in minimally-invasive, pain-free dentistry and offers the best treatment options available to the patients.

Why Choose Us

– Sedation for nervous patients – Extensive range of dental treatments – Clear and transparent breakdown of your treatment plan – Competitive fee structure – State of the art modern surgeries – City center location with on-street parking – Early morning and late evening appointments – Practice focused on cosmetic dentistry and smile design – If you are claiming under your insurance – we will help you with your paperwork

Our Philosophy

We have combined the overall health care, the best approach to patient treatment in each of our offices.

– We cooperate with the patient’s primary medical specialists when and where it is specified. – We take patient’s key vitals at every appointment – We educate patients to ensure that they understand the integration of their dental health and its connection to overall body wellness – We train each team member to make proactive steps in risk prevention, basic life support certification and have advanced medical emergency equipment available.

We strive to do everything to care about your overall health care needs. We realize that your total health care matches with your dental health care needs. Our innovative practice management software, as well as our operational best practices, guarantee that you will be provided with comprehensive info and the care you deserve from our network of specialists.


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